Add any

peel off mask

for just $25.


Spick and span  cleansing facial          Price $120

Duration: 45 minutes


Our multi-cleaning step facial is designed to leave your skin immaculately clean & spotless. Starting with a Exfoliation using microdermabrasion to remove all impurities, extractions, skin-type mask to unclog and refine pores, and intense boost hydration. Our Best Seller!!


The charminator Gentlemen facial     Price $120

Duration: 45 minutes

This fully loaded treatment is specially designed to take breaths away!. Starting with 14 minutes Collagen light system, a fully cleanse and exfoliation to get rid of blackheads, soothe razor burn and in-grown hairs, following by a 15 minutes tone and lift technique using radio frequency, eye mask to reduce puffiness; finishing with a smooth neck and face massage. 

Express facial                           Price $50

Duration: 25 minutes

Quick facial that includes the whole-shebang of a basic cleansing treatment to remove impurities & moisturize 

improving skin tone and texture in a chick-chack.


Oxy Facial                                 Price $140

Duration: 55 minutes


This ultimate deluxe and unique oxygen facial is a releasing of fresh healthy skin hidden below layers of older skin cells. Using oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals, skin feels as healthy as its radiant with immediate results. The best treatment before any event.


Lighten-up facial Brighening facial   Price $120

Duration: 50 minutes


Formulated to lighten, brighten and illuminate all skin tones for an even & glowing skin complexion.

This dark-spot-diminishing facial includes a uniquely luxurious polishing powder, intense eye and face serums application to treat. Skin discoloration and redness. Skin appears firmer, brighter and instantly radiant. Results are better that if you were using photoshop!


Vitamin Madness Microneedling        Price $150

Duration: 50 minutes


This serum-filled needle is the ultimate “nutrition for the skin” treatment. This perfect-skin formula contains a cocktail of vitamins as well as hyaluronic acids &collagen growth factors using a manually controlled needle infusion. This treatment is perfect to repair damage skin as acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and hyper pigmentation. 


Anti-Aging collagen facial             Price $200

Duration: 50 minutes


Expect age delays with this innovative collagen regeneration system, designed to provide an enjoyable experience while restoring the skin providing maximum rejuvenation. Starting with an advanced anti-aging facial, microdermabrasion, face & eye 100% plumping collagen mask, radio frequency therapy to kickback aging, collagen light bed system to restore

elasticity & multiple hydration using stem-cells, nutripeptides and pure hyaluronic. 

The results are a forever young skin!

Saggy Corrector RF    tone & firm facial 


Radio Frequency lift-up facial is the most effective non-surgical procedure to improve skin tightness, elasticity and age damage. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction of fines-lines and wrinkles.  This technique can be preformed in face, neck and decolletes.

1 Session                                          3 Session

$60 per area per session                  $150 per area

$100 two areas per session              $240 two areas

$150 three areas per session           $390 three areas 

Sayonara wrinkles  Japanese anti-aging facial massage    

Revolutionary anti-aging method without surgery!


Bio-energy massage that combines different techniques; Acupressure and Shiatsu:

- Better oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells

- Rejuvenation and repair of skin tissue

- Prevention of wrinkles and blemishes

- Release the tension of the muscles of the face and neck

- Relaxation and pleasure massage effect same

- Safe for Pregnant women

$120 per session

$270 three sessions

$450 six sessions

* Add a cleansing facial just for $50 dlls.

P.I.M.P my zit acne facial                 Price $105

Duration: 50 minutes


Let our facial experts get your break downs all fixed up! After cleansing your skin we will do detailed skin analysis, following by extractions and exfoliation to kill bacteria and disinfecting damage areas using our highly effective product line with benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, oligopeptides and salicylic acid to fight acne, reduce inflammation, eliminate excess oil and purify skin. 


The fruity peel                            Price $99


Designed to treat unbalanced, irritated and sensitive skin. Safe for pregnant women Results: rebalance, regenerate and soothes your skin with organic ingredients.

The lift-perfect peel                  Price $180


Combined of powerful antioxidants and retinol to treat aging, pigmentation, acne and melasma.

The wrinkle-free peel                Price $115


Formulated to improve aging skin, wrinkles, rough complexion, uneven skintone, smoker’s skin, tired/dull skin, Oily/acne. Results: correct, repair and rejuvenate aging skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The anti-oxidant peel                Price $120


Excellent peel to treat Rosacea, dry & dehydrated skin.Results: Tight, bright and light skin in just one treatment.



Shrink to fit Body Wraps by Bioslimming


Helps you lose 1-4cm (1 - 2,5 inches) per measured area. Dramatically decreases the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 47% and helps to decrease stretch marks.

one session $ 99

six sessions $ 499

ten sessions $ 799



Cellulite Eraser  Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Reduce fat, slim and tone! contour and get rid of cellulite once and for all! Combining Lymphatic Drainage, Mesotherapy, Ultrasound, Radio frequency and a Peel-off mask. We recommend a series of 6-10 sessions. 

For excellent result book your treatment one hour before workout.

one session $150

six sessions $720

ten sessions $999



Six sessions of Cellulite Eraser + Six sessions of Shrink to Fit

Price $ 699


The Time Machine Collagen regeneration System  face & body

Get a boost of collagen in 12 minutes! using LED Light Anti-aging System


$30 per session

$150 monthly membership

Organic Spray Tanning

Duration: 15-20 min session


$35 per session

$99 monthly membership


Strech marks no more


Best treatment to prevent, repair and reduce strechmarks using microneedle. Excellent after loosing weight or pregnancy.

Small area $90

Medium area $120

Big area $180




Ten sessions of Cellulite Eraser + Ten sessions of Shrink to Fit

Price $999




Photofacial  Brown Spots Treatment (face & body)

Too much sun exposure? This is an excellent Photorejuvenation treatment to get rid of brown spots leaving your skin even and clear from sun damage.

For excellet results we suggest a minimum of 4 sessions every 4 weeks.

One session $ 150

Four sessions $ 450

Six sessions $ 600

IPL Get Rid of Acne

One session $95

Four sessions $270

Six sessions $450

PACKAGE IPL Photofacial

Get Rid of Brown Spots +microdermabrasion 

One session $ 180

Four sessions $ 520

Six sessions $ 800

IPL Hair Removal Permanent Body & Face Hair Reduction 


Small areas                   Medium Areas               Large Areas           

One session $ 50          One session $85           One session $130

Six sessions $ 250        Six sessions $450         Six sessions $640

Ten sessions $ 400       Ten sessions $780        Ten sessions $1030


Six sessions small area + Six sessions large area $790 

Ten sessions small area + Ten sessions large area $1250


Six sessions small area + Six sessions medium area + Six sessions large area $1200

Ten sessions small area + Ten sessions medium area + Ten sessions large area $1900

ADD ON - Get Rid of Ungrowth Hair

using Microdermabrasion

Excellent results before treatment for a clean and smooth area! 

Price $40